When you are purpose driven, or when your team and organization is purpose driven, you are more resilient, you are more open to saying ‘no’ to a lot of extra stuff in life, like ‘I don’t need to be doing this project or that project’ because THIS is my purpose, this is my path, this is what I’m gonna do. Life becomes very clear when you have purpose.

Hitendra Wadhwa, at Brand Minds 2019

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Just like there are laws of nature, there are laws of human nature. It is by discovering and aligning with these laws that we can approach our full potential in life and leadership.
Hitendra Wadhwa

Hitendra in Action

Professor Wadhwa and his team created a unique and effective program that is rare to find through other institutions. Curriculum incorporated findings from management consulting, behavioral science, history, psychology, and empirical findings. I would recommend the class to anyone, nor only for professional development but also as a powerful tool to improve personal relationships.
Natasha Koprivica - Fibonacci Capital Advisors LLC

The workshop was wonderful. I felt that the pace, content, and style of the facilitators was spot on and I enjoyed the stories/quotes that were incorporated with the training.
Executive - Kraft Heinz

I had high expectations for today and they were exceeded. Huge thank you – a truly impactful, inspirational, and motivating day. On a personal level, I am both thrilled to see how well this landed with our team and also took a lot of value, learning, and insight from the day myself. Looking forward to continuing this journey with you!
Executive - Kantar

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