How Ordinary People Become Extraordinary Leaders

Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt. These people weren’t extraordinary. They were ordinary people who had extraordinary impact. This talk will reveal the secret to their success – their ability to activate 5 Core Energies in themselves and their collaborators, audiences and even adversaries.

Rapid and radical changes in business and society are requiring  that today’s leaders advance not just their organization’s performance, but also their purpose and people. To succeed in this environment, leaders need to practice a very different - and demanding - skill set, where they can adapt their behavior moment by moment as conditions change, transcending the limitations of past habits and personality. Is it even possible for a leader to bring such diversity and flexibility to their behavior, where they are agreeable in one moment, and assertive in another, visionary in one moment, pragmatic in another, and so on?  

In fact, it is. Inspiring leaders across history, such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln have shown that ordinary people can learn to lead in extraordinary ways. In this talk, Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa draws on fifteen years of his research and teaching that blends the science of human nature with historical study of great leaders to offer a fresh model for leadership that is simple, inspiring and accessible to all. He describes how leaders can attain great heights of effectiveness by activating their five Core Energies and translating them into simple actions that bring out the best in themselves and others in every situation. By operating from their Inner Core, leaders can develop their own personalized pathway to success, choosing the right actions in every situation, instead of following rigid frameworks and checklists.

You will walk away from Dr. Wadhwa's talk with five learnings:

  1. The one root cause for all leadership gaps
  2. The power of leading from your Inner Core
  3. How to activate your five Core Energies
  4. Creating your own action library to bring out the best in others
  5. The one quality this winning approach will require from you

Inner Mastery, Outer Impact

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