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Thank you Professor Wadhwa. This is such a beautifully written piece and, as always, gives us the opportunity to implore and change mindsets.
Jyotsna Sharma, Technology Investment Banking, RBC Capital Markets

This is a fantastic newsletter that I feel was written specifically for me at this specific time. I am in the middle of a 3-week break from my old job to a new job which will involve moving to a new city, joining a new firm, and managing 40 professionals I have never met….all while a global pandemic is underway.  Yes, it can feel as crazy as it sounds but this newsletter really reinforced important messages for me. Thanks for all you do.  Keep up the important work!
Regional President, BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Thank you for capturing and commenting on these excerpts from the Diary of Anne Frank. I appreciate your inspiring articles and interviews. Your kindness and commitment to goodness makes the world a better place.
Kathy Slattengren, President, Priceless Parenting.


The more you discover this divine spark within your own self, the more you start seeing it all around you, in every throbbing heart, for it is innate in humanity. We all have it — we just need to work on awakening it and expressing it in all we do.Hitendra Wadhwa

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