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The more you discover this divine spark within your own self, the more you start seeing it all around you, in every throbbing heart, for it is innate in humanity. We all have it – we just need to work on awakening it and expressing it in all we do.Hitendra Wadhwa

[Hitendra] is outstanding. He is genuine, very interactive and compassionate in his approach. As an audience member you feel validated in your thinking and inclined to stretch yourself not only cognitively but emotionally through the learning process. I appreciate the safe environment that he has created to take risks and his modelling vulnerability by so openly and candidly sharing his experiences throughout the sessions.
Participant from the Holdsworth Center

Prof. Wadhwa’s passion and knowledge in the field of Personal Leadership motivated me throughout this journey. He provided certain very powerful tools, which I could learn and practice. It made me reflect on all the important things in my life.
Leandro Cesar Santos, HR Business Partner - Laureate International Universities

Hitendra's keynote on Maximizing Personal Impact was extremely well received, and was crucial in helping us shape the right mindset of a market leader in our organization.
Liam Condon, CEO, and Chairman - Bayer CropScience