How to Lead in the 21st Century

There are immense demands on leaders today. One moment you have to be agreeable, another moment, assertive. One moment, visionary, another moment, pragmatic. One moment, this, and another moment, that. Drawing on his 15-year research on the science of human nature, Dr. Wadhwa offers a new, breakthrough approach to leadership that is simple, inspiring, and personal.

Rapid and radical changes in business and society are requiring today's leaders to practice a very different - and demanding - skill set. No longer is it ok for a leader to only focus on performance. They also have to align the organization’s purpose with societal good and foster a climate of inclusion and belonging among their people.

Leaders will only be able to get there if they shed twentieth-century mindsets and behaviors that are holding them back today. In this talk, Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa draws on fifteen years of his research and teaching that blends the science of human nature with historical study of great leaders to offer a fresh model for leadership that is simple and inspiring.  He shows how leaders can become the best versions of themselves by taking a very personalized and adaptive approach to selecting which actions to use in different leadership situations, instead of following rigid frameworks and checklists.

You will walk away from Dr. Wadhwa's talk with five learnings:

1. The secret to how ordinary people have become extraordinary leaders

2) The one root cause for all leadership failures

3) The five core energies of a leader

4) How leaders can make big leaps in their learning - in small steps

5) Gaining on-demand, personalized guidance on one’s leadership challenges

How Ordinary People Become Extraordinary Leaders

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