Mastering the Paradoxes of Inclusive Leadership

D&I practices in use today have created significant divisions and detractors. That’s because these practices have many contradictions in them. This talk offers a way to reimagine and reframe Inclusion so it is appealing and accessible to all, and provides five principles you can practice to infuse the right form of Inclusion in your culture.

Societies around the world are changing, as historically marginalized groups demand an equal seat at the table. Scientists have stepped in to show that this form of inclusion is not simply better for these groups – organizations and teams perform better as well when they are more inclusive. And yet, major efforts at advancing diversity and inclusion in organizations have produced poor results so far. Clearly, something isn’t working. We need to find a way to go beyond policies, compliance, quotas and metrics.

In this talk, Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa offers a refreshing perspective on Inclusive Leadership drawn from his research on great leaders and movements, the science of human nature, and his consulting and training work with leading corporations. He will offer a way to reimagine and reframe Inclusion by approaching it in a deeper, more authentic manner, from a place that is appealing and accessible to us all. He will show how the breakthrough in Inclusion comes when we inspire people to draw out the highest potential in everyone. 

You will walk away with insights on how to:

  1. Reframe inclusion to make it an appealing goal for everyone
  2. Dissolve boundaries among people while also affirming individual differences
  3. Be inclusive without compromising speed or quality of outcomes
  4. Create a comfortable space for uncomfortable conversations
  5. Make an exclusive brand inclusive.

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