Becoming a Changemaker

As the old world order gets dismantled, each of us has an opportunity to shape what the new order will be. Learn how to be an agent of positive change and win the support and commitment of key stakeholders, allies and followers.

The pandemic. Geo-political tensions. Social movements. Digital disruption. Leaders and institutions falling from grace. The old world-order is getting dismantled, and no one knows, as of now, what the new order is going to be. It’s being shaped, every day, by the small choices each of us makes. There will emerge, over time, some people who will play a bigger role in reforming their profession, advancing their community, rebuilding their institution and remaking their nation. These are the Changemakers.  

What does it take to be a Changemaker in today’s times? How do we guide people toward a better future? How do we harmonize our values and core beliefs with societal and institutional expectations? In this talk, Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa will draw on his research on transformative leaders from history, like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela to show you how to become an agent of positive change.

You will walk away from the session with an understanding of how Changemakers:

  1. Envision a big, bold, beautiful future
  2. Push, pull, pause and pivot on their path to success
  3. Overcome resistance and stay true to their themselves
  4. Win the support and commitment of their people

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