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Hitendra Wadhwa is the founder of the Mentora Institute, an organization that is creating a new model of leadership for the 21st century that is agile, authentic, and attainable to help executives achieve ever-growing Outer Impact through ever-deepening Inner Mastery.

The video to your right describes how we help individuals, teams and organizations maximize their outer impact by mastering the Five Energies of their Inner Core.

Mentora Foundation

Mentora Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to developing leaders at all levels who are committed to building a principled world by cultivating inner change in themselves and others.

Learn more about how leaders can achieve an ever-growing Outer Impact through an ever-deepening Inner Mastery through the Mentora Fellowship.

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Mentora’s mission is to help individuals and organizations approach their full potential by cultivating their Inner Core and activating their Five Core Energies. Informed by Hitendra’s work at Columbia Business School, Mentora has developed a new model of leadership for the 21st-century where executives achieve ever-growing Outer Impact through ever-deepening Inner Mastery.
Through its pathbreaking digital platform, Mentora has created a pocket “flight simulator” for leadership that helps learners gain mastery in a wide range of leadership skills through MicroPractice™. Mentora’s clients include Accenture, SAP, Pfizer, Tata Group, Ericsson, GE, Kraft Heinz, Siemens, a Big-4 Accounting Firm, and Morgan Stanley.

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Each of us is seeking Outer Success—to be loved, admired, and be outwardly successful—and Inner Success—to be true to our own yearnings and passions.
Hitendra Wadhwa

Wadhwa believes every employee should be encouraged to practice what he calls personal leadership. What’s personal leadership? It’s all about bringing out the best in yourself, the best in others and the best in all situations.
Forbes (Is This The Answer To Diversity And Inclusion?)

Hitendra had a great approach to our current state, and how we can use it to better ourselves and ‘be our heroes.’ I loved being part of this! He shared real stories of what he is going through right now and it made him easier to relate to. The meeting was unique and more about self-care.
Executive - Kraft Heinz

I attended Strategic Influencing from Mentora Institute. I found the course to be excellent! Most of the course was delivered through a series of thought-provoking videos. The length of the videos allows students to take the course even if they just have a few minutes a day. Prof. Wadhwa is an experienced professor and has an excellent on-camera presence. He is easy to listen to and uses relatable stories to convey his message. I highly recommend this course.
Julia Teskey - Technical Account Manager, GE Healthcare

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