Creating Inspiration in Turbulent Times

People do their best work when they are inspired. But to inspire others, we have to first inspire our own selves. This talk shows you how to inspire yourself and others even in the midst of change, uncertainty and adversity.

The public health crisis. Digital disruption. Social and geopolitical tensions. Work-from-home. Uncertainty about the future.  We are in the middle of a perfect storm. 

It is natural, at a time like this, for our people to feel daunted, distracted, and disoriented. And yet, critical decisions need to be made, and critical actions need to be taken. So it has never been more important for leaders to operate with grace under fire, bringing out the best in themselves and the best in their people. 

How do you inspire yourself and others in challenging conditions so everyone can play their best game? History shows it can be done – individually and collectively, the human spirit has been kindled in the past during tough times. Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa draws on his research on inspiring leaders from history – like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and more – to share practical insights and actions you can use to help your people triumph over circumstances and bring grace, creativity and resilience to their roles at this pivotal hour.

You will walk away with an understanding of:

1) How to reframe today’s challenges into a hero’s journey

2) The power of infusing your team with meaning and purpose

3) Tools to activate inspiration in yourself and others

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