The Anatomy of a Great Leader

Schedule this keynote talk where Hitendra dissects the anatomy of great leadership and describes a new 21st-century model for leadership.

What does "great" look like for leadership in our age of relentless change? Is it to be assertive or accommodating? Anchored or adaptive? Decisive or reflective? All of the above? Whichever way you look at it, the path to great leadership today looks confusing, complex, and — quite possibly — beyond human reach.

In this keynote talk, based on my research and teaching at Columbia Business School and Mentora, I dissect the anatomy of great leadership and describe a new 21st-century model for leadership that invites you to shift the focus from the outer to the inner, from behavior to principles, from the ever-changing to the unchanging, from the situational to the universal. My new science of “Inner Mastery, Outer Impact” shows that leaders can build a foundation on the inside that can continually help them execute great leadership behavior on the outside.

The audience will walk away with the following learnings:

  1. How to create ever-increasing outer impact through ever-deepening inner mastery
  2. The Five Core Energies that all great leaders have activated
  3. How to remain centered, agile, and responsive to unpredictable change and challenges
  4. An approach to leadership that is Authentic, Attainable, and Agile