Mastering the Paradox of Inclusive Leadership

Learn from the Columbia Business School Professor who offers a refreshing perspective on Inclusive Leadership drawn from his consulting work with leading corporations.

Societies around the world are changing, as historically marginalized groups demand an equal seat at the table. Scientists have stepped in to show that this form of inclusion is not simply better for these groups—organizations and teams also perform better when they are more inclusive. And yet, the outcomes of diversity and inclusion initiatives have been underwhelming, and sometimes even counterproductive. Clearly, something isn't working—we have to go beyond policies, compliance, quotas, and metrics.

In this keynote talk, I offer a refreshing perspective on Inclusive Leadership drawn from my research on great leaders, the science of human nature, and my consulting and training work with leading corporations. I will offer a way to reimagine and reframe Inclusion by approaching it in a deeper, more authentic manner, from a place that is much more accessible to us all. I will show how the breakthrough in Inclusion comes when we can open leaders' hearts and inspire them to bring out the full potential in themselves and their people.

The audience will walk away with insights on how to resolve five key paradoxes of Inclusion:

  1. Can inclusion help both to dissolve boundaries and affirm individual differences?
  2. Can we practice inclusion without compromising speed, quality, and ownership?
  3. Can we be inclusive while still nurturing our high-potentials?
  4. Can we create a comfortable environment to discuss uncomfortable topics?
  5. Can a business stay exclusive while becoming inclusive?