Reimagining Leadership in the 21st Century

Maximizing The Collective Intelligence, Initiative, And Inspiration In Your Organization

The world as we know it is changing, rapidly and radically. Leaders are being pushed to drive change without knowing the rules of the new game. Along the way, as established giants fall and new giants rise, leaders are learning a humble truth: to reinvent their organization, they need to reinvent themselves. What 20th-century mindsets, values, and behaviors are holding leaders back today? How should leadership be reimagined for the 21st-century?

I draw from latest scientific research to demonstrate that success in the fast-evolving 21st-century will come to leaders who are able to maximize the intelligence, initiative, and inspiration of their organization’s collective, not selective, talent. I will demonstrate the importance in this new model of cultivating inner metrics, not simply outer metrics, of developing great leaders who are great followers, and of viewing leaders as integrators of truth, not arbiters of truth.

The audience will walk away with three learnings:

  1. The shift from selective to collective intelligence, initiative, and inspiration
  2. Five pivotal shifts required for leaders to help their organizations flourish in the 21st-century
  3. Tools to put these five pivotal shifts into action