Staying Inspired in a Time of Crisis

Coronavirus today is hitting all of us, across the globe, both personally and professionally. The scale and scope of this crisis is like nothing else our generation has seen.  

It is natural, at a time like this, that we feel daunted, distracted, and disoriented. And yet, critical work needs to be done right now, in the midst of it all. Pivotal decisions need to be made. Employees and others in our care need to be made to feel safe. And we have to do it all virtually, sitting in our homes with family members who are grappling with their own version of the crisis.

It has never been more important for us to bring out the best in ourselves and the best in our people. We have to find a way to operate with grace, even while being under a raging fire. How do we inspire ourselves and others at a time like this so we can play our best game? It has been done before. Individually and collectively, the human spirit has been kindled during dark times in history. There is a way to do it, and it is something we can all learn and do.

This keynote talk draws on my research and teaching on Inner Mastery-Outer Impact to share inspiration, insight, and practical tools that we can all use today to activate our inner core so we can conquer our inner struggles and bring power, perspective, and possibilities to our roles and responsibilities at this most challenging hour.

The audience will walk away with learnings on:

  1. How to reframe the current challenge into a hero’s journey
  2. The power of infusing moments of crisis with meaning and purpose
  3. Tools you can use to keep bringing your heart and mind back to an inspired place