Making Tough Decisions in Times of Disruption

Book this talk today to learn about this set of behaviors that bring greater clarity, balance, depth, and creativity to your decision making in this fast-spinning world.

In a stable world, we can turn to a leader, a team, or an institution to show us the path and reassure us about the future. But in today’s time of crisis, that world order is being dismantled, and no one knows how the present crisis will evolve and where it will take us. Each of us is thrust into roles where we are making high-stakes tradeoffs and decisions every day, personally and professionally, as we struggle to do what’s right for us, for our families, our organization, and our community. How can we make sure we are making the right decisions when there is so much uncertainty and volatility and no playbook we can refer to?

My research and teaching on the science of human potential reveals that the great ones have always turned to one source when they were confronted with their hardest problems. This is the source that helped them do their best work. Even when all hell was breaking loose. And that source is your inner voice. When we learn to tune in to the subtle stirrings of our spirit, new insight, understanding, and breakthroughs become possible.

In this keynote talk, I draw upon the science of human nature to introduce you to the knower-learner spectrum and the power of intuition and give you practical guidance on how to activate intuition to navigate the astronomical waves that are buffeting our shores today. You will leave with a set of behaviors you can practice that will bring greater clarity, balance, depth, and creativity to the decisions you are making in a fast-spinning and wobbly world.

The audience will walk away with learnings on:

  1. The power – and perils – of intuition
  2. The right conditions for intuition – emotional mastery, non-attachment, and more
  3. Expert intuition, creative intuition, spiritual intuition
  4. How to blend analysis with intuition when making high-stakes decisions