Personal Leadership: Rising to our Full Potential in Today's Turbulent Times

Our mindsets, moods, and motivation are being challenged more relentlessly than ever before. And yet, there is no more important moment in history where we have needed to rise to our greatest potential, individually and collectively. Plans need to be radically revised, people's energies need to be galvanized and redirected, and a whole new vision needs to be forged for how to do business when the world is under siege. All this while each of us grapples with turbulence in our own personal lives.

How can we do our best work in these worst of conditions?

For over a decade, my research and teaching at Columbia Business School has focused on the science of human potential – on how we can bring out the best in ourselves and others in all conditions by tapping into our inner core. My study of great leadership reveals that people – in families, teams, and organizations – can flourish in times of crisis when they activate their Five Core Energies of Purpose, Wisdom, Love, Growth, and Self-Realization. These Energies are ever-present in each of us. The more we express them in all we do, the more resilient, connected, and impactful we are in life and leadership.

This keynote talk will guide you on how to practice personal leadership at this critical hour, at home and at work, by activating and expressing your Five Core Energies.

The audience will walk away with learnings on:

1) The power of living and leading from your inner core

2) The Five Core Energies that are critical for you and your team to activate at this pivotal hour

3) Five concrete ways to put these Energies into action today to stabilize yourself and maximize your impact