Staying Emotionally Grounded when the World Spins at a Giddy Speed

We are all experiencing intense emotions as our comfortable lives are upended by the coronavirus. Anxiety, anger, confusion, depression, dismay, fear, frustration, sadness…the list goes on. When these upsetting emotions dominate, our mind can be overrun with negative thoughts, our judgement clouded, our demeanor withdrawn, and our behavior snappy. And yet, with the stakes higher than ever before, it is crucial that we bring our best self to the present moment – so we can be creative, collaborative, and compassionate in all we do to serve our goals at work and at home.

For over a decade, my research and teaching at Columbia Business School has focused on the science of human potential – on how we can bring out the best in ourselves and others in all conditions by tapping into our inner core. My study of great leadership reveals that people – in families, teams, and organizations – can flourish in times of crisis when they activate their Five Core Energies of Purpose, Wisdom, Love, Growth, and Self-Realization. These Energies are ever-present in each of us. The more we express them in all we do, the more resilient, connected, and impactful we are in life and leadership.

This keynote talk will teach you practical tools to help you monitor and regulate your emotions so that you can operate at your best in all moments. You will gain surprising insights on what emotional mastery is all about and how you can approach today’s challenges with calmness and clarity by re-scripting negative thoughts and re-establishing your inner balance. I will draw links with what great leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Eleanor Roosevelt did at times of crisis to master their emotions.

The audience will walk away with learnings on:

  1. The ideal emotions that can guide and power you to the right decisions and actions
  2. Ten mental distortions that trigger and intensify upsetting emotions
  3. Step-by-step guide to forming empowered thoughts that restore emotional balance