Mastering Adversity: Fostering Resilience in Turbulent Times

Schedule this keynote talk today to learn the six practical approaches you can use to deal with today’s pressures and setbacks.

We are living through days of disrupted rhythms and relentless stress. There are moments when our spirit flags and feels battered and bruised. But it does not have to be this way. Over the course of history, there are compelling examples of how everyday heroes have responded to adversity by shining luminously in their darkest hour. What gets these people to be so resilient?

How can we help our teams to rebound from setbacks?

For over a decade, my research and teaching at Columbia Business School has focused on the science of human potential – on how we can bring out the best in ourselves and others in all conditions by tapping into our inner core. My study of great leadership reveals that people – in families, teams, and organizations – can flourish in times of crisis when they activate their Five Core Energies of Purpose, Wisdom, Love, Growth, and Self-Realization. These Energies are ever-present in each of us. The more we express them in all we do, the more resilient, connected, and impactful we are in life and leadership.

This keynote talk will introduce you to six practical approaches you can use to deal with today’s pressures and setbacks. You will learn how to deal with the chaotic forces that are buffeting us all today, with grace, growth, and gumption. You will be able to instill immediate improvements in how you feel and behave in the turbulence of today’s times – by seeing yourself (as opposed to your circumstances) as the author of your life story. You will walk out with tools that enhance you and your team’s capacity to learn, grow, innovate, adapt, influence, manage setbacks, and inspire change.

The audience will walk away with learnings on:

  1. Six forms of resilient behavior
  2. How to use adversity to make you better – not bitter
  3. Building resilience from the inside-out