Six Mindsets to Adapt Successfully to Rapid Change

Book Hitendra today to deliver this keynote talk introducing you to these six mindsets critical to success and the practical tools to put these into action.

One thing is clear - coronavirus is creating a tectonic shift in our world. Our habitual ways of thinking and acting do not apply in this time of radical change. We need to open ourselves up to fresh ideas and possibilities in how we serve, strategize, and succeed – and we need to do this fast.

My research shows that leaders and organizations who have successfully navigated past world crises have all practiced a set of six mindsets that maximize their people's collective resilience, initiative, and adaptability.

This keynote talk introduces you to these six mindsets that are critical to success today. You will gain an understanding of how these mindsets work based on scientific insights, historical examples, and live exercises. You will also learn practical tools for how to put these mindsets into action so you can drive immediate gains in attitude, behavior, and results.

The six mindsets the audience will learn are:

1.    Destruction vs. Transformation

2.    Goal-Driven vs. Purpose-Driven

3.    Victim vs. Empowered

4.    Pessimism/Optimism vs. Flexible Optimism

5.    Scarcity vs. Abundance

6.    Fixed vs. Growth