Winning the Game of Leadership in the 21st Century

It’s time for the developers of tomorrow's leaders to make leadership development a high-performing act. To schedule this keynote, reach out now.

Gaining mastery in any skill-based discipline requires us to break the discipline into small steps, engage in high-frequency practice of each step, acquire rapid feedback, and then adjust our approach. And yet, for leadership, we focus on a workshop or a webinar or a simulation and expect it will deliver the growth we seek. It’s like a novice attending a workshop on tennis and thinking they are now a tennis player. The result? Unskilled leadership everywhere.

Drawing on my research at Columbia Business School and the Mentora Institute, I share how we can win the game of leadership by challenging our training methods of the past. Our 20th-century ways of training are failing because they do not integrate the disciplined approach that world champions take. It’s time for us, the developers of tomorrow's leaders, to make leadership development itself a high-performing act by embracing new training mindsets, behaviors, and practices for the 21st-century – for which I have coined the term MicroPractice™

The audience will walk away with three key learnings:

  1. The five weaknesses of 20th-century methods of leadership development – and how to address each of them with a fresh approach
  2. Creating a sustainable and scalable approach to training
  3. Practical tips on how to implement a high-impact leadership development program