Episode 52

Why the Future of Leadership Lies Within

With Dr. Raghu Krishnamoorthy
Episode 52

Why the Future of Leadership Lies Within

With Dr. Raghu Krishnamoorthy

Ex-CHRO GE. Senior Faculty at Mentora Institute. Fulbright Scholar. Award-Winning Academic.

Raghu Krishnamoorthy is a seasoned global executive with 36+ years of experience in driving business outcomes as a Human Resources professional. He retired from General Electric (GE) as the CHRO in early 2019, after 25 years with the company — doing work that spanned three continents, several multi-billion-dollar lines of business, and exciting corporate leadership roles. At Mentora, Raghu serves as an Executive Director and Senior Faculty, leveraging his experience and expertise in driving pragmatic, application-oriented solutions in learning and transformational change.

Raghu is often sought out to share his expertise at colleges and forums like Harvard, MIT, Yale, and the Economist, the Milken Institute, etc. He has authored a number of articles published in a number of publications, including HBR. Most recently, his research won the best paper award at the Academy of Business Research August conference.

In this episode of Intersections, Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa has a conversation with Dr. Raghu Krishnamoorthy on the topic “The Future of Leadership Lies Within”.

In the post-pandemic era, trends such as the “Great Resignation,” hybrid work and employee well-being are creating a paradigm shift in organizational culture. These trends require us to go back to the basics to redefine the model of what it means to be an exceptional leader. The way we lead today needs to evolve to embrace the new future of work, workers and the workplace.

Based on Dr. Wadhwa’s recently published book, Inner Mastery, Outer Impact, we examine how Inner Mastery could provide the foundation on which leaders can tackle these shifts for their organizations — as they manage people and drive performance, equip their managers with new skills and tools to tackle the accompanying challenges, and help employees operate in an ever-changing landscape of continued disruption.

“Within each of us there are multiple selves. We need to identify which of these competing selves is our true self, and then make this true self prevail in life and leadership.”
Hitendra Wadhwa

The episode “The Future of Leadership Lies Within” offers key insights on:

  • How we’re moving from a “find it out” world to a “figure it out” world
  • What it takes to advance leadership from being business-centered to human-centered
  • Moving beyond outer metrics to ground leadership in inner metrics
  • How empathy and compassion can drive organizational performance
  • Moving from “getting the most out” to “bringing the best out” of employees

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