Episode 41

The Practice of Groundedness

With Brad Stulberg
Episode 41

The Practice of Groundedness

With Brad Stulberg

Best-Selling Author. Keynote Speaker. Peak Performance Coach. Podcaster.

Brad Stulberg is an expert on human performance, sustainable success, health, and well-being, and has published several bestselling books including Peak Performance and The Passion Paradox. He writes the popular Do It Better column for Outside Magazine, and his work has appeared in both national and international outlets including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes, and Sports Illustrated.

  • I am going to suggest that our administrative team at our school read this together! Thanks! Loved the session! Joe Antony
  • I love that you give principles and then expound how to apply them in real life. Thanks! Hillary Arenstein
  • Thank you for a wonderful hour of learning! Brian Pernnartz

As a peak performance coach, Brad works with executives, entrepreneurs, physicians, and athletes on their mental skills and overall well-being. He has created The Growth Equation, an online platform dedicated to the art and science of a more fulfilling and sustainable kind of success, and hosts The Growth Equation Podcast along with the co-author of his books, Steve Magness. Brad is also a keynote speaker and has led workshops for leading organizations including NASA, Nasdaq, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and more. 


Brad appeared on Intersections earlier this year where he expounded on How to Make Your Passion Work for You, Not Against You, a topic that deeply resonated with many of us. Through his coaching work in recent years, Brad perceived a growing sense of disharmony, even in high-performing and successful groups of individuals, leading him to question whether “measurable achievement is the only arbiter of success.” To answer this question, Brad released his latest book, The Practice of Groundedness, and joins us on Intersections to share his advice on how to bring this practice to our life - and leadership.

“When you prioritize groundedness, you do not neglect passion, performance, or productivity… Rather, it situates and stabilizes these qualities, so that your striving and ambition become less frenetic and more focused, sustainable, and fulfilling.”
Brad Stulberg

The episode “The Practice of Groundedness” offers key insights on:

  • The core principles of groundedness, and how to transition to a more grounded life
  • The art of successful practice that stops any personal change routine from falling apart
  • A “grounded lifestyle” that aligns our habitual doing with our emerging way of being

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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