Episode 27

Seeking Your Greatest Adventure

With Hilaree Nelson
Episode 27

Seeking Your Greatest Adventure

With Hilaree Nelson

American Ski Mountaineer. National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. Captain of The North Face Athlete Team. Environmental Activist. Columnist.

Hilaree Nelson, Captain of The North Face Athlete Team and 2018's National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, is the first woman to summit two 8,000 meter peaks, Mt. Everest and Lhotse, in one 24-hour push. Her grit and skills in mountaineering are world-renowned. She climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with a broken leg, skied from the summit of the world's sixth-highest mountain, the 26,906-foot Cho Oyu, without supplemental oxygen, and returned to the 27,940-foot Lhotse a second time to ski from the summit.

Outside Magazine has named her "one of the most adventurous women in the world of sports" and Men's Journal called her "one of the most adventurous women of the last 25 years." Her feats on some of the world's most remote mountains have also been featured in several documentaries, including Lhotse, Down to Nothing, The Denali Experiment (directed by Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk), and K2: The Impossible Descent.

  • Breaking barriers, not just for herself but societal. Truly to be celebrated. Valerie Kelsick
  • As a mother of two boys, I really appreciate how Hilaree is balancing her professional and family life. Nas Panwar
  • Hilaree, you are such an honest person and hearing you is so inspiring and relatable. Anuradha Khanna

Hilaree is also a leading environmental activist through her work with Protect Our Winters. She has been described as a “role model and mentor to other women adventurers, [who] continues to push the envelope of not only geographical exploration but an exploration of our human capacity to challenge social norms."


In this episode of Intersections, we explore Hilaree's journey as a lifelong learner, with passion as her compass, and in the process, learn some profound lessons on how to "dare greatly" into one’s own future.

“I have had this crazy fear my whole life of everyday being the same - if I really dig deep, that's my motivation. If I go out and do stuff, I am forever going to be learning, one day that's different from the last day.”
Hilaree Nelson

The episode "Seeking Your Greatest Adventure" offers key insights on:

  • What would life be like if you followed your heart in the pursuit of exploration and adventure

  • How can you make stepping out of your comfort zone a habit
  • How to successfully accomplish high-stake projects that require remarkable courage, humility and laser-sharp focus

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