Episode 6

Living your Values

With Candace Lightner
Episode 6

Living your Values

With Candace Lightner

Founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Successful Activist. Consult to Social Organizations.

Born in 1946, activist Candy Lightner spent her early life in California. She went to American River College in Sacramento and later married Steve Lightner. The couple had three children, twin daughters Cari and Serena, and son Travis. In 1980, her daughter Cari was killed by a drunk driver. Lightner formed Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to raise awareness on this problem and to fight for tough laws against offenders.

Candace was appointed to a national commission on this issue by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. The following year, Lightner left MADD. She has continued to work on social and legal issues as an activist since then. She also serves as a consultant to organizations and companies. She has been credited with saving over 400,000 lives.

  • Passion makes the impossible possible. Thank you Candace and Hitendra - two amazing dynamos to humankind! Anna Pavlick
  • Thank you Candace for what you have done and are still doing for the greater society and the world. Vikash Seni
  • Thank you so much Prof. Wadhwa for giving us the opportunity to be part of Intersections. I look forward to every week as it is very inspiring, motivating and awakening. Asha Singh

In this episode of Intersections, Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa has a conversation with Candy Lightner on the topic “Living Your Values”.

At our core, each of us possesses a set of values that we deeply identify with. And yet, in our everyday lives, we drift away from our core from time to time. What might life be if we fused our every thought and action with our deeply-felt values? How can we change our outer world when it conflicts with our inner world?

“You’re only as good as your values.”
Herb Brooks

The episode “Living Your Values” offers key insights on:

  • Channelling anger for a higher positive and collective purpose
  • Leading by example and inspiring others to transform the world
  • Being a successful activist and starting a movement

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