Episode 46

How to Fulfill Life’s Greatest Desires

With Rabbi Jevin Eagle
Episode 46

How to Fulfill Life’s Greatest Desires

With Rabbi Jevin Eagle

University Chaplain. Executive Director at Boston University Hillel. Former McKinsey Partner.

Rabbi Jevin Eagle has spent over 25 years in the highest echelons of business and entrepreneurship: armed with a Harvard MBA, he became a Partner at McKinsey & Co., a senior executive at Staples, Inc, and then CEO of a successful startup, DavidsTea. While most of his formative years were spent in the pursuit of his outer calling, Rabbi Eagle’s inner calling was always Judaism—to study the Talmud and Torah and support the Jewish community in living a life of meaning and purpose.

  • This has been a great gift. Thanks also for summarizing the key points. That was a great extra. Blessings for both the Rabbi and yourself! Alonso Acosta
  • I just want you to know that I really enjoy your content.
  • We should be striving to have beautiful lives, and not just beautiful careers. Really insightful and important!

In this episode of Intersections, Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa has a conversation with Rabbi Jevin Eagle on the topic “How to Fulfill Life’s Greatest Desires”.

We are taught to design our life around educational and financial goals. And yet, most of us feel a certain stirring within to pursue a more meaningful life that is rich in both inner and outer rewards. How do we bring our inner and outer worlds together in a practical way, even when we are caught up with the many roles we play in life and at work? What challenges may come up in this inner-outer pursuit, and how can we achieve a balance that prevents us from living a life of compromise? How can today’s leaders maximize their impact by not just empowering others to do their best work, but also to live their best lives?

“Your goal is not to have a great career. Your goal is to have a great life of which your career is a very important part.”
Rabbi Jevin Eagle

The episode “How to Fulfill Life’s Greatest Desires” offers key insights on:

  • Compelling stories from his life—from boardroom to bimah—and how he integrated his inner and outer callings to eventually fulfill his lifelong desire to serve the Jewish community
  • Balancing the head and the heart; having a major and a minor in life; embracing the universal and the particular
  • How leaders can maximize their impact by not just getting others to do their best work, but also to live their best lives
  • Creating peak experiences in life’s everyday moments

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