Episode 29

How to Achieve the Impossible — and Make the World Happier

With Mick Ebeling
Episode 29

How to Achieve the Impossible — and Make the World Happier

With Mick Ebeling

American Film Producer. Founder of Not Impossible Labs. Entrepreneur. TIME Magazine's 50 Best Investors of 2010. Leading Creative Expert. Humanitarian.

Mick Ebeling is a renowned social change maker and CEO of Not Impossible Labs — a multiple award-winning social innovation lab and production company, founded on the premise that nothing is impossible. Mick's story starts from the Hollywood hills, where his commercial film production company developed animation and visual effects for many blockbuster films, including 'Stranger Than Fiction,' 'Kite Runner' and James Bond's 'Quantum of Solace.' But it wasn't these films that brought international acclaim to Mick's contribution to humanity; it was his work with Tony, and later, with Daniel Omar.


Mick Ebeling was a successful entrepreneur in the American film industry when he first learned of Tony 'TEMPT' Quan. Tony was a legendary graffiti artist in Los Angeles who was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) that left him 'entirely paralyzed but with his mind completely intact, confined to his bed and only able to move his eyes.' To help Tony, Mick organized a group of hackers, engineers and artists to invent the world's first low-cost eye-tracking device that enables individuals with paralysis to communicate and create art using only the movement of their eyes. TIME magazine called it one of the "50 Best Inventions of 2010," and the device is now part of the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art.

  • Thank you for your work and thank you both for this wonderful discussion. Walking into my afternoon with inspiration. Elaine Stark
  • Mick, your humility and perseverance is inspiring. Thank you Hitendra and Mick for the gift of this conversation today Esha Bawa
  • Magnificent Intersections episode. Blessed to have attended. Gave us a very important business direction! Subhasis Banerji

Mick Ebeling has since sparked a movement of pragmatic, inspirational innovation, harvesting the power of technology and story to change the world. He has been named one of the Top 50 World's Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine, received the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year Award, and listed as one of the World's Most Influential Creative People by The Creativity 50's.

Mick Ebeling joins us on Intersections to share his insights on the roadmap to high-impact large-scale social transformation, the mindset and temperament needed for taking on impossible projects, and his inspiring journey — from commercial film production and design to finding incredible solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

“The reality, I believe, is that all change starts small. The big picture is too unwieldy, too incomprehensible and seemingly immovable. But give us something individual, quantifiable and personalize-able and, suddenly, our perspective shifts to the one.”
Mick Ebeling

The episode "How to Achieve the Impossible — and Make the World Happier" offers key insights on:

  • What gets some people to dream big and then to translate their dream into reality
  • How can technology accelerate our pursuit of the impossible in today's time of transformation

  • What limits some of us from pursuing goals very dear to our hearts that others may consider impossible

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