Episode 17

An Early View of the Future of Work

With Raghu Krishnamoorthy
Episode 17

An Early View of the Future of Work

With Raghu Krishnamoorthy

Ex-CHRO GE. Senior Faculty at Mentora Institute. Fulbright Scholar. Award-Winning Academic.

Raghu is a seasoned global executive with 36+ years of experience in driving business outcomes as a Human Resources professional. He retired from General Electric (GE) as the CHRO in early 2019, after 25 years with the company — doing work that spanned three continents, several multi-billion-dollar lines of business, and exciting corporate leadership roles. At Mentora, Raghu serves as an Executive Director and Senior Faculty, leveraging his experience and expertise in driving pragmatic, application-oriented solutions in learning and transformational change.

Raghu is often sought out to share his expertise at colleges and forums like Harvard, MIT, Yale, and the Economist, the Milken Institute, etc. He has authored a number of articles published in a number of publications, including HBR. Most recently, his research won the best paper award at the Academy of Business Research August conference. The New York Times have him as part of a documentary on the Workplace, and he has been invited to share it at several forums, including ASTD and Human Capital Index. He was also named as one of the top 50 Asian Americans in the world of business in 2009. 

  • As expected, this was brilliant Raghu. Your final thoughts were enlightening. Sridvenk
  • This sheds a lot of light on the power of leadership's ability to connect on a personal level. I can't wait to share this conversation. Alfreda McCray
  • This is truly going to help in making the future societal culture more balanced individually, at the family level and also at work and society in general. Anuradha Khanna

In this episode of Intersections, Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa has a conversation with Raghu Krishnamoorthy on the topic “An Early View of the Future of Work”.

As COVID-19 surged around the world in early 2020, Working From Home went overnight from being an employee benefit to a business imperative. What was initially meant to be a temporary arrangement could now end up being a permanent shift. Some call it the new normal, others, the new abnormal. Whatever you may call it, there is no question that we are unlikely to snap back to our past conditions anytime soon.

What does this mean for Work, Workers and the Workplace? Is this a leapfrog to the future of work? How are employees experiencing this shift? What new challenges are both employees and managers facing? And what does this mean for organizational culture and for leadership?

“Possibility is a choice to see the future in a new way. Striving to achieve the possibility is therefore transformative. Good leaders know this.”
Raghu Krishnamoorthy

The episode “An Early View of the Future of Work” offers key insights on:

  • Setting new protocols, disciplines and expectations for navigating through disruption
  • What are the emerging technologies to collaborate effectively in a virtual environment
  • How to rebuild habits and connections in the virtual workplace

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